Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry

Have you ever had the desire to do something for yourself, that they do in the dental office? Have you desired to go to the dental office less and have teeth regenerate instead of deteriorate? What if you never need another filling? What if gleaming, strong teeth, healthy gums and no cavities was possible?

Happy Mouth TM Generative Energetic Dentistry was developed by Dr Tom Kolso and he discovered there are systems in the body that are dormant and when activated by touch can regenerate gums, bone, lymphatics, salivary glands and much more.

On a purely physical level, the link between gum disease, tooth decay and disease in the whole body has long been established. Energetically, the peridontal cavity; mouth, teeth and jaw, holds many emotional associations with food, and speech and sex. This cavity is major holding point of many limitations and judgements.

Teeth wearing out, breaking down or decaying is part of the whole ‘Bodies are Designed and Age and Die’ paradigm which many people are now questioning. It seems that a healthy peridontal cavity is self-generating (you still need to brush and floss!) and leads to the choice of a much longer and more vital living!

So with a Happy Mouth TM, when you look at your mouth and body what would you like to change? What would you like to choose? What would you like to create? What would you like to create and generate with your mouth and body? It is the gateway to the rest of the body and that is because science has shown that at least 80% of all diseases can be traced at least partly to the mouth. A Happy Mouth TM is absolutely important in having a happy body. A Happy Mouth TM creates a happy body.

A Happy Mouth TM practitioner can assist you in activating dormant systems. These systems include regeneration of gums, bone, lymphatics, salivary glands and many more. These systems will assist you in creating gleaming strong teeth, healthy gums, no cavities, and activating a “youthening” system for the whole body and more. You also have the ability to grow 3 or 4 sets of teeth in your lifetime.

A Happy Mouth TM treatment takes 21 straight days. Each session contains stimulating points on the head, verbal processing to clear beliefs and hands-on body processes.